Shalbourne’s Youngest Visit Denbigh (again)

Alex, Beanie, Matt and I (Nick) headed up north for what was a spectacular weekend of ridge, wave and even thermal flying for Round 2 of the junior winter series. On Friday, Alex had by far the best flight of the day out of the four of us. Him and Ed reached 5000ft in the late afternoon wave and stayed there for a couple of hours in 620, while Beanie and Matt bashed the circuit in the remaining non-engined gliders.

Day 2 was my turn to have fun! Somehow, (big thanks to Lucy and Alex) I bagged myself a seat in the Arcus with Rod. We took Denbigh’s ridge all the way south and then headed to lake Bala in thermals. After coming back, we surfed the ridge in anticipation for wave. Although we found none, we did cover all of it several times while carefully observing the hooligans that were beating it down below.

Day 3 was Benie’s and Matt’s turn to experience the ridge. They both got descent flights lasting well over an hour and not far off ground too (videos to come soon). Matt’s P1 was clearly having way too much fun, as he was refusing to come back down even after being called on the radio.

All in all, a great trip! Good weather, great scenery and fantastic atmosphere. Huge thanks for everyone who helped organise (Lucy especially), volunteered time/gliders and helped to make it another fantastic weekend. Next is round 3 in Nypsfield.

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