Thursday 17th – another ridge day

Clear blue sky and a wind from the north – what more could one ask for? First launch was Bob B in the Vega and only returned 32 minutes later. first flight in the K8 was Ken P who pipped Bob’s time by 1 minute. With on 2 names on the instruction list and 4 instructors I got a chance to jump in the K8. Lively launch which I needed to abandon because an excess of speed – so only 2,000′. At 1,600′, in the bowl, I encountered lift too strong to be ridge lift so I thermalled away to over 2,500′. Time to get back to the ridge, arriving back there at 1,400′.

Lots of the 26 launches were extended but top dog honours went to Ken R with 1:14. All this plus Tony P’s excellent home baked brownies.

I will just mention that on the day we flew last week (9th) we clocked up more launches than had been flown in an entire January in 2 previous years but when it came to flying time it was better than achieved in 5 previous January’s!

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