December Mid-week Flying

Bit late in catching up with a couple of the very few flying days in December.  On Wednesday the 19th when we were able to take advantage of a sunny day and clocked up 25 launches when canopy misting stopped play before we ran out of daylight.

The usual up and down day for the time of year with 3 folks creeping into double digits with 10 minutes.  On the last flight of the day Steve B smashed that with a whole 13 minutes.

Unusually (for this December) there was some flying on the weekend.  Just the Saturday but flying was curtailed due to a hinch snarl up after 14 launches.

With the next Wednesday falling on Boxing Day we shifted to Thursday, which turned into the best day of the week despite the fog round and about.  Leaving Newbury in the gloom I held little hope for any flying but at Hungerford the fog disappeared.  Some great views with the pockets of fog around.

We managed to squeeze 28, short, flights out of the day with only Ken P getting to double digits with 10 minutes.

Overall, December was not exactly great but we’ve had worse but it was dire for weekend flying. Only 1 of the 5 flying days was a weekend accounting for 14 launches of the 100 launches.

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