Tuesday 4th December

Seems like we have to keep our wits about us and move “Wednesday” to more suitable days at the moment.  Tuesday was the one day that looked flyable and fortunately enough folks said they could make it.

Looking toward Didcot

Interesting forecast showing Northerly at 12:00 and Southerly at 13:00.  Fortunately there was naff all wind so we set-up with the launch point at the north end.  As the day progress the wind strength increased (slightly) and launches to 1,700′ were available in the K8.  Not much call for my services other than one annual check so I got in a solo flight and matched Rob J’s longest flight of the day – a massive 11 minutes.  Ok, not very impressive but flying days have been few and far between recently.  After a record breaking October, November was heading for a record in the opposite direction but was saved on the last day of November by another moving Wednesday.

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