Q: What do you do on a wet December Saturday?

A: Fly your Silver Distance!!!

Not many people turned up today, but with E team stalwarts Liz and Graham along with Alex and Matt from SUGC, we soon wrapped up an analysis of angles of attack on the winch launch.  Matt’s working towards his bronze and wanted some help with airspace – and what better way to learn this than map up and plan a few tasks?  We duly briefed and prepped up a flight to Bicester, after which we scrubbed at Shalbourne but sent Matt off home to his Condor set-up where, with a bit of advice from Alex, he flew a very respectable Silver Distance flight as briefed.  With yet more wonders of modern technology we’ve done some trace analysis which in discussion seems to reflect pretty much what he’d have done in real life – so well done Matt on your Virtual Silver Distance.  And what a great learning experience this has been all round!

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding