A break in the weather

A brisk wind between fading Atlantic storms dried out the airfield and provided a welcome opportunity for flying in clear blue skies dotted with skipping white fluffy things. Even though only there for decorative purposes they did provide an incentive getting airborne.

Launches, proceeding with metronomic regularity, yielded three hours of airtime which would have been more impressive had there not been thirty of them. Anyway, some good training opportunities arose and some much needed currency was topped up. So the best was made of a short, sunny, cross windy day.

‘All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be’

JW landing in a rosy sunset and long shadows,
heralding the end of the last day day in November.

Stephen’s rare absence was apparently due to him being closeted with his accountant and dentist (hopefully not both at the same time). Thanks to Ken R and Peter E for helping me out in the back seat and organising JPC derig.

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