Wednesday 31st October

Wouldn’t want to meet one of the moles responsible for those mole hills

What a splendid end to an exceptional month.  Despite the shorter day (thanks to the clock slipping back over the previous weekend) and, for most of the day,  operating on a single cable and a large tractor and trailer hauling earth (or something) from one end of the field to the other we clocked up an impressive 40 launches.  Between Ken P, Peter E and myself we kept all 3 2-seaters busy.  Thanks to the retrieve drivers being ready to collect the single cable we maintained a good launch rate.  Mainly a day for circuits but Rob Jarvis proved there was some soaring to be had with his 26 minutes.  Ken R made a determined effort to better that and clocked up 33 minutes – however, that was off two launches with one of them at 22 minutes.  Just 6 of the 40 launches got into double digit flying time.  My flight with Darren McK was particularly memorable.  He followed a red kite down a cloud street and we slowly crept up on it and overtook it very close by.  Probably the best view of a kite I’ve experienced (and I’ve flown with kites lots).  Unfortunately, my ‘phone was buried underneath my Ozee so not possible to get at it in time to take a photo.

Big thanks to Colin B for fixing the defective guillotine and Chris H for fixing another leg on the launch point wagon.  Stan O moved up market with his bargain buns – this time from Waitrose.

Over the month we clocked up a record breaking (for October) 14 flying days (previous best 11) and 371 launches (previous best 252).  However, total flying time was 57:34, only the 3rd best (best was 71:12),  Unfortunately, November is trying to compensate starting with 2 non-flying days and 3rd day is currently looking not at all promising

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