SUGC at Juniors Round 1

We certainly kicked off Juniors round one with a bang! Myself (Nick), Alex, Stan, Matt, Fin, Beanie, Marie, Pete and Jim all headed up to Sutton Bank on friday for what looked like a really good weekend. Saturday was the day when the real magic happened. Alex got to 10,000ft in a DG1001 and managed to squeeze in a first flight in a Discus, while we (Nick and Jim) surfed the 15 or so km of the southerly ridge in the Janus. The others all did 2 flights each, except for Finn who only managed the one, sadly because the afternoon flying coincided with his nap time.

We all rounded off the day with a bonfire, a spectacular fireworks display, some drinks and midnight humus and pitas. With the poor weather on sunday, we packed up and headed back south.

Huge thanks to Pete and Claire for making the Janus available and to Jim (and Pete again) for taking turns to fly us lot and the others there. Tim (+620 syndicate) also deserve special thanks for doing much the same. Overall, another superb Junior weekend and we will certainly be making an appearance at Denbigh for Round 2!

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