Wednesday 24th October

The flights may have been short but it was still a splendid day.  Unseasonably warm, lots of sunshine, a gentle breeze down the strip and Tony’s home baking (salted caramel chocolate cake) – what more could one ask for at this time of year?  OK, enough wind to kick-up against the ridge would have been an improvement.  With 4 SUGC skipping lectures the average age dropped significantly – not sure if Wednesday’s can now qualify as “old farts day”.

A choice of Fred Slingsby’s aircraft

Alan P and Paul P rigged their Swallow and EUF came back online (thanks to all the work done by Andy B and his glamorous assistants Bill C and James H).  With 4 instructors to hand (Ken P, Peter E, Colin B and myself) the 2 seaters were kept busy and we all got a lunch break (a different times!).  With the longest flights being a mere 9 minutes (Paul B and Rob J) we got in lots of launches – where “lots” = 44.  Those launches made October a record breaking month with the most launches in October.  Previous best being 2007 with 252 which compares to this months 284 (and there are still 3 possible flying days to fit in October).  However, in terms of flying time most of the Octobers in the last 10 years beat it.

The day ended with a rather fine sunset and for the drive home a big ole moon.


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