Wednesday 12th – achievements day

The drizzle didn’t clear as forecast so briefing was set for midday.  Closest thing of any relevance on the NOTAMS was the Red Arrows passing north-south to the east of us – no Shalbourne special show this time as they were far enough east not to worry us (or vice versa).   Colin set to putting Paul M through his paces for off-checks check.  First notable achievement of the day Paul M is now off-checks.  Next up was Matt B (of the Southampton Uni group) discovered the joys of training launch failures.  Then he got coaxed to fly further from the airfield than he normally would off the launch only to discover strong (instructor induced) sink heading back to the field, neatly resolved with a reciprocal landing.  After that I secured the straps in the back seat and sent him off on his own for his first solo.

The next person to fall victim to my instructions to the winch driver to “have fun” was Gillian B.  This was followed by Gillian taking her first solo in about 20 years.

Soaring opportunities were limited with Martin S taking top slot with 27 minutes in his (and Charles) K6.  Second place went to Gillian with 19 minutes on her second solo of the day.  Despite the late start we clocked up 38 launches

Congratulations to Paul M, Matt B and Gillian B

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