Wednesday 1st August

A new month, a new solo.  Congratulations to Paul M who celebrated in the traditional way with a round of drinks in The Plough at the end of another busy Wednesday.

Start of flying was delayed as a battery needed to be fitted in the launch point wagon after thieves revisited us earlier in the week.  The rigging area at was somewhat busy and crowed with 6 private gliders getting ready in anticipation of a stonking day.  First 3 gliders launched soared away.  The next 3 found the sink resulting in short circuits.  After that, some were lucky some not.  The lucky ones reported climbs to 4,200′ and some strong lift.

First of the private gliders to launch was Steve B on his quest for a 300km.  He reappeared 4:30 hours later – having paid a visit to Kevil who obliged with an aerotow to get Steve home.  Turned out to be a challenging day, only managing around one third of the distance he was after.  Colin B set a more modest 100km for himself.  At 2:20 hours he stated that was probably the slowest 100km he had ever done reporting an ever changing sky with areas of good looking cloud turning blue at on a whim.

30 launches in total and over 20 hours of flying.  Both Bob B and myself were kept busy in the back seats.  A big thanks to Bob (without his help there would have been some disappointed folks) and honourable mentions to Ken H and Adrian N who did the lions share of winch/retrieve.  Tony P provided the home baking (blueberry muffins) and courgettes.

Another busy Wednesday

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