4 & 5th August

Another good soarable weekend.

On Saturday 737 and N headed north but abandoned their task at Oxford with it being weak and blue, heading home things improved and we went for a local sight see clocking up about 200km.

Sunday was much better and we were joined by 217; stealing and slightly adapting the Interservices task we flew 300k Northampton, Bishops Cleave (north of Cheltenham), Keevil and home. Good blue/short lived cu up to Northampton, then Cu all the way home (it stopped at Pewsey) – 5kts to 5500ft QNH was not uncommon.

Closer to home it was relatively quiet, but some good soaring was had, not least by Stephen who was seen getting in a glider with only one seat! It looked to be tricky to get away mind…

Footnote from the afore mentioned Stephen:

There was a big blue hole around the club all day on Sunday the only cloud being a scrappy line sitting above Andover all day.  I did venture down to Andover to see if anything was happening but there didn’t seem to be any change to the lift or sink nearby.  This photo was taken late afternoon and a dust devil can be seen kicking off from a field being harvested (centre of the picture on the left and behind the clump of trees).

Three 300kms in one day must be a record for the club – fantastic!

About the Author: pete smith

DCFI, Full Cat, Owns 737, a Nimbus 2c with Jim & N, a Janus Ce with Claire. Flying since 1996.

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