Wednesday 27th June

Busy blue day with circuits being the order of the day.  Lots of areas of 4+ sink but without the compensating lift – what little lift there was around was weak and didn’t stay for a full 360.  At around 14:00 there was a glimmer of hop when Paul P did a record busting (for the day!) 21 minutes but it was back to circuits for lessor mortals.  About an hour later Rob J upped the anti with 44 minutes.  For the next 3 hours about half the launches resulted in soaring flights with Colin B as top-dog with 1 hour and reporting climbs to 2,900 (Ken H and Martin S were hot on his heels but just a few minutes shorter).

We handed over to the TLE crew to fly a scout group and ended up with a total of 55 launches for the day.

Ejector seat waiting to be fitted




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