Wednesday 23rd

The wind sock said it all – wind direction just right; wind strength enough.  The ridge will be working,  So, Bob B took the first launch in the K13 to confirm this.  Only problem was, he returned after only 9 minutes.  Everyone else threw themselves at the ridge only to report extensive sink and the best anyone achieved was 11 minutes.  The bar was nudged a little higher when Ken R and Bill C did 12 minutes in their Duo Discuss which was matched by Paul B (plus me providing ballast) in the K13.  On their freebie launch Ken and Bill stretched this to 18 minutes.  Then five and a half hours after the first launch the dynamic Du0 stuck to the sky for 1:19.  As they were spotted well away from the ridge it still hadn’t decided to work.

39 launches were made in pursuit of the elusive ridge lift.

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