Start of the Bank Holiday Weekend

Surely it couldn’t be a Bank Holiday weekend – 3 day of sunny weather forecast.  However, with the high pressure parking up this didn’t necessary bode well for soaring.  If yellow was the colour of the day on Thursday, Saturday’s (5th May) was blue.  Lots of gliders rigged but all lurked behind the launch grid until things started to pop.  First to break ranks were Phil & Carol in their Janus at 12:20 who bumbled around in the blue for almost 2 hours.  Jon D similarly flew for just shy of 2 hours in his LS7 but it was Steve B that demonstrated perseverance with 2:21 in his ASW15.  Where any of these folks got to (or any of the other private gliders) I didn’t hear.  Hopefully they will add a comment to let us know.  About a third of the 39 launches enjoyed an extended flight (i.e. more than about 30 minutes).

A really busy day with lots of TLs and 3 from the Southampton Uni group.  I wouldn’t have been able to get through the list without Nigel B turning out to occupy a back seat.  A total of 27 folks flew.  Special mention should be made of Chris K who spent a considerable time on the winch training new winch drivers.  Some folks had time constraints which meant they had to leave early but had turned up early.  Others drifted off after they had flown/derigged.  Towards the end of the day we were left with a skeleton crew to complete flying and pack the toys away (almost half of the remaining folks being Brinds).  A big thanks to all the members who pitched in and helped us get the most out of the day.

Having received Sunday’s log I will just add a note about Sunday as I doubt if anyone will blog it.  Hot & blue.  Just 6 short flights and apparently there was no enthusiasm for changing ends so the toys got put away.

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