Saturday 19th May


Between Wednesday and Saturday the erection fairies had been busy

Big blue hole surrounding Rivar Hill for most of the day.  Naff all wind so not a lot of height off the launch within which to find that first essential climb.  Despite this more than half the flights were more than 30 minutes with half of those being 2 or more hours.  9 private gliders rigged and one dropped in from Lasham.

Busy launch point


CFI explains that this isn’t Lasham

Phil & Carol and Chris B ran around a 100km triangle.  Steve B clocked up around 200km which included narrowly avoiding landing out landing near Harwell.  Others went on walkabout following the energy.  Several folks reported climbs to just over 5,000 feet.  Second launch of the day was Alex J in the Vega which he returned 5 hours and 11 minutes later, having been to Aston Down and up to 5.000′.  All three silver legs in one flight – congratulations Alex!  Though he did manage to escape before the pub opened.  37:13 off 34 launches – quite a result.

Just in case no one flying on Sunday adds to the blog a quick summary from the log.  15:29 off 17 launches.  Trevor G taking longest flight honours with 3:10 and Chris B not far being with 2:47.

As a result of the cracking weekend the hours flown this month is the second best number of hours we have seen for May in 10 years – and there’s still 4 potential flying days available.

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