Saturday 7th April

Where was everyone?  For weekenders this was the first flying day for 4 weeks (for mid-weekers 2.5 weeks).  The forecast had been pretty much consistent that Saturday was the only opportunity to fly and yet just a select few turned out.  This time last year flight times were being measured in hours but this year just getting off the ground is an achievement.   Martin H thought he had an unassailable flight time of 13 minutes, having gained 300′ at one point, but Chris K pipped that with14 minutes.

Bit of a late start as monthly guillotine checks were done and HCF rigged but we still managed 29 launches.  The advantage of relatively few folks there – a chance to get seconds of Tony P’s excellent home made brownies.

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Flies an LS3-17 (occasionally when not sitting in the back seat).
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