Saturday 14th April

The drive to the airfield was not inspiring as the visibility was down to a few hundred metres in places but the once the mist lifted flying was able to commence. First launch was just before 11:30 and by the time the last flight ended at 18:37 we had flown  a creditable 43 launches.

Initially any lift was playing hard to get but as the day progressed lift seemed to be in abundance and plenty of members took advantage of the improving conditions to enjoy extended soaring or go off on short xc flights.

During the afternoon HCF was ready for a check flight, once completed we then had 3 two seaters now online and so with the help of Richard Dann, Pete Smith,Ken Porter and Jim Clarke we managed to complete quite a few check daily and a few annual check flights.

Longest flights were:

Chris B 1:25, Jim C (in KDU) 1:19, Alex 1:12, Nick 1:09, Chris B 1:07, Rob J 54mins, Martin H 51mins, Bob Symonds 50mins.

Some of the notable achievements were Andrew Peacock completing his annual checks, Ken P completing his Instructor checks, Martin Selby starting his Bronze flying tests and last but nor least Bob Symonds being cleared for “Off Checks” and still being so at the end of the day, only joking Bob 🙂

Oh almost forgot… Well done to Martin Selby for proving that not all the lift had been used up when he took the K8 up for a flight at 17:52 and didn’t come back until 27mins later!

All in all busy and enjoyable day at Shalbourne.


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