Wednesday 10th January

No nasty winds and clear sunny sky (first beany hat of the year was spotted) with patches of fog in the valley and elsewhere. Unfortunately lots of misting but with an organized laying on of hands to warm up the canopy Bob B took to the air. The views from the air were fabulous looking down on the patches of the fog shining in the sunlight. As the morning progressed a the wind veered to give just a touch of north which dragged the fog/low cloud out of the valley which resulted in base legs moved into the airfield to keep in the clear air. This resulted in long retrieves. Decision made to change ends Paul M and I launched above cloud and were treated to a shadow of the Puchacz cast on to the cloud surrounded by a 360 degree rainbow – spectacular! I say “we” but Paul was too busy flying to pay any attention to it. As we circled in a clear patch down to cloud base I realized there was little point in changing ends. A lunch break was declared.

An hour later the sky had cleared but after 3 more launches misting stopped lay. Another frustrating day when not everyone got to fly but at least we got some flying in (12 launches).

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Flies an LS3-17 (occasionally when not sitting in the back seat).
Promoter of gigs at ACE Space and presenter of Folk Ace on Kennet Radio.
How was it ever possible to fit in paid employment?

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