Sunday 7th January


Sunday – Was cold which was made even colder by the cutting north easterly so cold in fact that Tim kept his jacket on…. albeit unzipped of course. The rest of us waddled around like artic explorers in ozie suite, hats, gloves and multiple layers of clothing and got the field setup I think for the first time this year?.

Tim (who was Richard for the day) took the first launch with Laurie in the K13 with Phil and Chris B following in the Puch both had good launches in the rough conditions but turbulence and possible rotor over the field made for interesting approaches and landings, described as “Sporting” but clearly not a day for low experience pilots with little or no room for error. Sometimes it really is better being on the ground wishing you were up there rather than the other way round.

The decision was made to stop before it got worse and so the next two launches were the last and saw Tim and Jim C fly back to the hanger and put the kit safely away. Jim reported little bits of strong lift on the ridge but lots of strong sink. A little less easterly in the wind and it could have been a great ridge day in the weak sunshine.

Happy New Year all!!



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