Wednesday 6th December

Running into unexpected rain on the A4 on my way to the club didn’t bode well.  Arrived at the club to find folks sheltering in the club house but then the sun made an appearance so we got the toys out and it went into hiding.  Having got set up we just carried on, after all, the wind was straight down the runway.  This provided launches up to 2,000′.

With no pre-solo pilots in attendance I was forced to find out if I could remember how to fly from the font seat.  This resulted in the longest flight of the day of 10 minutes.  This was immediately matched by Paul B and then Steve B.  I then resorted to persuading folks that it was a good day for annual checks.  The day ended when the drizzle came in and stuffed the visibility.

15 launches and Ken H made progress with the new launch point vehicle.  An enjoyable day.

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Flies an LS3-17 (occasionally when not sitting in the back seat).
Promoter of gigs at ACE Space and presenter of Folk Ace on Kennet Radio.
How was it ever possible to fit in paid employment?

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