Thursday 28th December

Unfortunately Stephen was unavailable to cover flying on Thursday so I managed to tear myself away from the list of jobs that my wife kindly left me and went flying instead….

Not too many braved the conditions but those who did were treated to plenty of flying and some cracking snow covered scenery. Winds were quite light and from the west but our trusty winch was still giving 1500ft launches for both of the two seaters, everything else being left in the hangar.

Most flights were less than 10 minutes but Rob Jarvis set the bar far too high with 18 minutes solo in the K13, Grrr….

Here are a selection of photos to show you what you missed out on 🙂

Martin trying out the new winch comms…

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CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.

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Shalbourne Gliding

Shalbourne Gliding