Friday 15th December

Unusually Wednesday got moved 2 days this week.  Wet Wednesday and a promise of NNWly wind on Friday clinched the deal.  So often moving Wednesday results in a poor turn out but this was an exception with 17 members flying.

Bob B got flying started and with just 3 club gliders at the launch point suggested folks limit themselves to 30 minutes so that everyone would get a chance to fly.  Turns out the ridge wasn’t living up to it’s promise so that restriction wasn’t anything for folks to concern themselves about,  Bob then took the Vega for 32 minutes.

Tony P turned up armed with home made fruit cake and brownies.  Took the first launch (11 minutes) then headed home as he’d left a plumber there.  He left the cake which got polished off by the end of day.  Fairy cakes and chocolate teacakes appeared too.

I was kept entertained with doing checks.  We clocked up 28 launches.  Colin B rounded off the day flying with Sheila I in the Puchacz launching to 2,000 feet, once down to 800 feet played the ridge until sunset.

Talking of sunset – one more week and the days start to get longer 🙂

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  1. Colin

    It’s worth noting that at the end a day when the ridge has refused to come up to expectations, sustained ridge flying becomes possible once the turbulence settles and lets the streamlines become more organised.

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