Wednesday 29th November

The promise of a north wind was enough to bring out The Duo Discuss, LS3 and an ASW-15 out to play plus the K13 was taken out of the workshop and rigged.  The ASW-15 was Alan P’s latest project – taking its first launch in 20 years.

Despite a near perfect wind direction and a reasonable strength the first few, shortish, flights reported burst of strong lift but also strong sink.  Not surprisingly launches were excellent (1,800′ in the a Puchacz was the best I saw).  Into the afternoon the ridge got more usable with most getting between 10 and 20 minutes.  The exception to these were Bill C and Ken R in the Duo with 1:13 and Colin B in the Ls3 with 1:15.

We clocked up 33 launches which included the two new members Paul M and Sheila I.  At the end of the day (well, a bit before allowing some time before it got dark) HCF was derigged and packed into its trailer ready to go away for its refinish.  Ken H made further progress on the “new” launch point wagon.

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