Sunday 19th Nov – a typical winter’s day

Time was running out to complete my instructor renewal checks and so came the message ‘please be early tomorrow’. The day it dawned bright and cold. However mine and Phil’s interpretation of that phrase being somewhat different, when I arrived on the airfield he had pretty well finished setting it up. So I blended in with operations, hoping he hadn’t noticed (fat chance of that!).

With me all done and dusted before midday the next priority was trial lessons. Meanwhile Carol, ably assisted by Ken P gave service to the lively cohort of S’ton Uni students, while Phil once again took an unfamiliar front seat, this time for Peter Ellison’s instructor checks. And to add a bit of zest, the usual rivalry between K8 pilots managed to wring the absolute best out of the odd convective puff that dotted a pastel blue sky with some near 20 minute flights.

So it went on relentlessly until a glorious sunset stopped play.

The energy in the club these days is contagious – long may it be so!

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