October so far

Having reported all those great stats for last flying year the new year is not going very well so far.  Of 7 potential flying days we were only able to fly on 3 of them and this coming weekend looks far from promising (due to an excess of wind).  I wasn’t at the club on either of the flyable days since the 4th (already reported on) but since no one else has reported on them I can provide a summary from what I’ve seen from the log sheets.

Last Saturday (14th) was fairly unremarkable for the time of year.  20 launches and no one breaking into double digit flying time.  The highlight was Charles Mc converting to the K8.

The previous Sunday (14th) was a different story – 34 launches and 3 of those over 1 hour.  Bill C taking longest flight honors with 1:35 in his K6 (reported cloud base of 2,500′).  Now that is remarkable for October.

Annual guillotine service

As to the other days not a lot to say other than Rowland and Colin used the time to give the winch a comprehensive annual service and Ken H and Tony P progressed the new launch point wagon.  Paul B was seen providing some TLC to the cable ‘chutes and weak links.

No flying so time to study a magazine

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