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Weekend of 21st and 22nd maintained the October standard we have come to expect.  Thanks to duty debts Jim G was duty instructor on both days.  Saturday was a complete non-starter with a overly lively wind.  Jim’s reflections on Sunday follows:-

“First flight was a weather check and a half. Big mistake was letting Martin H fly the glider, he has a slightly higher pucker factor than me, I think both of us rounded out together! It was marginal when I let Nigel fly a newbie but as he took off the wind picked up even more. Comment from the ground was ooo didn’t he lose a lot of height getting to the hangar. This was followed by a rapid return to a downwind base leg and a final turn over our heads with a landing in dingly dell. Nigel mentioned that he didn’t managed to demo anything let alone hand over control. We measured a 22 knot gust while I was waiting for Nigel to be retrieved (the wind was gusting outside the glider as well😉). Discretion seemed appropriate so I called a halt until the wind abated. Unfortunately the rain, that wasn’t forecast, turned up so we had to pack up. Nigel wasn’t very complimentary when I offered him my cable, (something like “not bloody flying in that again”).”

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