Wednesday 23rd – our part in the comps.

A strange day indeed, when struggling to gain height from 800 ft over Ringo’s farm while swiftly drifting downwind, one’s attention is suddenly distracted by multiple greens and flashing reds as a fleet of water bombers suddenly appears at a similar height. But by now Dennis and I had taken the K13 as far downwind as was prudent, so we left them to get on with it.

Meanwhile the mundane business of flying circuits under a leaden sky continued at a steady pace while the unrelenting banter rambled on. With the length of flights by no means helped by the solid bulk of Tony’s ‘brownies’, airborne time seldom exceeded double figures. However, much was gained by our fledgling pilots at Stephen’s sage hands practising launches and landings in a tricky cross wind.

What would have been otherwise mundane sort of day was intermittently punctuated by passing fleets of ever optimistic comp gliders, culminating in a group ‘land in’ at the scrag end of the day. It is pleasing to note that the visitors showed exceptional courtesy by landing sensibly close to the upwind fence, thereby causing very little interruption to a day that yielded over 30 launches.

Lasham EGC 2017 landout

Visitors patiently waiting recovery in the twilight.

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