Wednesday 16th

Once upon a time Wednesdays were a gentle affair – some setting to on those jobs that need doing, a little flying and a lot of banter for the fortunate few unburden by a “proper” job.  Nowadays Wednesdays (regardless of which day it actually falls on) are a hive of activity with lots more flying.  The jobs still get done and the banter is relentless – plus edible goodies often appear.  There are even folk not old enough to retire (and during the summer holidays those still at school).

This Wednesday was certainly hive of activity with the first launch at 11:03 and, 38 launches later, the last one at 18:20.  Check flights with the 3 recent solo members provided some entertainment for the duty instructor and winch drivers.  After that the long instruction list was steadily worked through (it started of not too long but early afternoon it suddenly grew).  Start of the day didn’t look promising but Colin B insisted it would get good and rigged his LS3-17.  The only private glider to rig.  As he clocked up a flight of over 2 hours (longest of the day) he proved his assessment was spot on.


EUF made a long awaited return to the launch point (thanks to Andy B and others rigging it and then derigging JMX) and was kept busy.  Martin S and Adrian N progressed their winch driving training with Chris K.  Peter E and Trevor G were at the club mainly to work on Trevor’s trailer but Trevor ended up on the winch for a stint and Peter did 3:23 (7 launches) in the back seat.  Mention should also be made of Rowland P replacing something on one of the vehicles (I was told what but…) and Ken H + Tony P progressing the new launch point wagon.

All in all a busy and productive day.

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Flies an LS3-17 (occasionally when not sitting in the back seat).
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