Thursday 10th August

Yet another wet Wednesday but it was followed by a promising looking Thursday.  Enough wind on the ridge to make that work – except any ridge lift was messed up by thermals – but oh what streets were on offer.  first few flights were disappointing short but then Colin B (LS3-17) and Steve B (ASW-15) launched and remained airborne.  In Steve’s case for almost 3.5 hours, practicing dashing between Newbury and Didcot.  Colin reported that his return from Marlborough took 6 minutes.  From then on it was mostly decent soaring flights with climbs up to 4,650′ (that being James N who bettered his Granddad’s high point by 100′ and flight time by 2 minutes).  The wind in the morning was a bit lively for early solo pilots but as the wind eased in the afternoon Bob S and David N managed to fit in solo flights.  David clocking up just over an hour on his 4th solo flight.

More people needed for midweek flying to help eat the goodies on offer

Tony P made a return after his hip operation (I’m sure it was Tony that folks were pleased to see rather than his freshly baked Victoria sponge) and found he could manage to get in and out of the Puchacz (with some soaring in between).  A little bit of a bake-off competition going with Anica contributing her scones, shortbread and cinnamon swirls.  Bob B provided a healthy offset with delicious apples from his garden.  The average age of midweek flying was considerably reduced with 3 junior members flying.

Big thank you from me for the backseat help provided by Bob B, Peter E and Colin B.  Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to get through the list (r sneak off for a decent soaring flight in the Ls3-17).  Not to forget the winch drivers (especially Trevor G who got us started when the other winch drivers were rigging and Ken H who went on the winch as soon as he arrived and only got dragged off when it was time for him to fly).

Another splendid “Wednesday”

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