Mid August argentum weekend


Well saturady was ok really, a little westerly breeze was a bit annoying and it wasnt a classic sky but it was soarable for a good while. Tim and Pete E knocked out the instruction and a few gliders rigged.

Whilst Claire and I were climbing away, it all went very dark,  the animals seemed oddly quiet, the vario spun round and round and round, the radio fell silent… …but it was just the EB29 competing in the European champs flying over us along with a few mere JS1C-21ms





Sunday was the days of days, thats what we expected. Many many gliders rigged and we formed a grid and launched them off on task. Most of us ran up the oxford corridor in excellent conditions, nearly 6000ft cloudbase and good 5+kt averages, sometimes troubling the top stop. Most found however that when they turned round it was spreading out and that made the return much more difficult. Claire and I continued on task to Bullington but abandoned our declaration for Oxford again at Chievely and bravely ran away home.

Huge congrats to John and Jeremy on their 50km Silver Badge flights, both completing Oxford out-and-return tasks.


12aug john

John’s picture of his winglets



Carol insisted on some old-school TP photography, for those that are interested they can download the on-line OS maps and spend tonight working out if they are in sector…..

pete on task

Running out under a perfect sky




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