More on Wednesday 12th

The expectation was for an exceptional day.  Phil M and Chris B had the winch out before most of us arrived as they had a 500km in mind.  As the cloud cover wasn’t clearing as forecast we set to and cleared out (and rearranged) the stuff in the wings of the hangar ready for the hangar new floor.  It was almost 13:00 by the time it was worth throwing gliders at the sky but nothing was sticking.  Phil and Chris launched at 14:30 but up until then it had just been circuits.


Eventually a tasty street

20170712_launch point

Resulting in an empty launch point

Our 3 newly qualified solo pilots all got some solos in.  Of the 32 launches only 9 were of a decent length (i.e. more than 30 minutes) including Phil & Chris with just over 4 hours.  Seemed like the best part of the day was the backend – Marin S in the K13, Trevor G in the K8 and Steve B in the Vega all cut short their soaring flights and landed at about 19:15 (presumably to avoid having to pack the hangar by themselves)

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