Wednesday 14th June

Summer had arrived and with it a record day.  67 launches made it the most launches on one day in the last 10 years Рeven discounting the two launch failures that afflicted Bill C in the Duo Discus.

The day started of looking very promising but the first 5 launches “enjoyed” modest launch height and 4 to 6 down.¬† With such an encouraging start Nick J took to the sky in his bid for his 5 hours.¬† Unlike everyone else he soared away.¬† In the next half dozen flights half an hour was the best anyone could manage and still Nick was up there laughing at us.¬† Then Bob B took the Vega to¬†try and make a contribution to the minimum 10 hour solo to maintain his instructors rating.¬† ¬†10 Minutes Nick landed but Bob stayed airborne for another 2 hours bettered only by Trevor G’s 2:47 and ¬†Stan O’s 2:52.

The sun had certainly attracted more than the usual number of members for any day, let alone midweek.  With only 14 of the 47 club fights (the remaining 20 being an evening session for scouts from Ramsbury) getting more than 30 minutes there were a lot of short flights and a few members probably left disappointed having only flown short circuits and no chance to get to fly again.  Mind, I would never have got through the instruction list without the help provided by Bob B, Ken P, Colin B and Peter E Рthank you chaps.

Colin B rigged our Ls3-17 and returned it for me to fly while he took my place in the back seat.¬† A 900′ launch into 4 down was not exactly encouraging and the sky didn’t look very promising.¬† I almost returned the glider to the trailer but being in rather desperate need of solo time decided to give it another go.¬† I got lucky and managed to get to play over the Savernak which was giving off the heat it had stored up during the day.¬† 3,700′ above Marlborough at 17:45 was the highlight of the flight.

20170618_Redcross wagon

Work in progress

While we all played Ken H was busily working hard on the new launch point.  Thanks Ken,


PS Tony P’s strawberries and home baked brownies went down a treat

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