the hot weekend

Sunday’s briefing “The bad news is that the trigger temperature is going to be very hot, the worse news is that we are likely to get it…”

Saturday was hot, blue conditions persisted with low broken thermals until the late afternoon when Cumulus appeared, if you could get away and head off to the east where there was better conditions it was great, otherwise it wasn’t. A lot of gliders rigged to try their hand.

Sunday was hot, but said trigger temp was reached early allowing soaring, difficult again to get away but if you did there was some lovely conditions to be found.


Chris launches in his new toy. (Martin Hoskins photo credit)


Jonty sets off for another 1:59 flight attempt, he overshot and got 2:06 and an XC endorsement leg.


Chris launches his Ventus


Martin cranks up the A/C


Finally on Sunday we were joined by Newbury ATC, Thanks to Richard who flew most of them, they all seamed to enjoy themselves and were a great assistance, with clearful help running the airfield.




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