Longest (and hottest) day

With another 30 degree plus day in prospect but this time with no cu only the hardiest of members turned out.  Even our visitors, Mike and Ann, fro, Queensland found it a bit too warm.  Undaunted by the prospect of a trigger temperature of 29 we cracked on with the business of flying keeping both Colin and myself busy in the back seat.  The search for shade resulted in some creative construction by Martin S.

Sultan Selby in splendid shade

Around 13:00 Adrian N in the Puchacz and Alan S in the Vega scratched out 16 and 24 minutes but after that it was back to circuits.  It wasn’t until 15:00 that the thermals triggered and the 4 launches around that time each managed decent length flights.  After that it was back to circuits.  Celebrating his longest flight Jonty borrowed a cool box and went down to the village shop returning with ice creams.

Ice cream break time

Refreshed by his ice cream Charles McC got back to trying to convince Colin B that he wasn’t needed in the back seat.  I’m delighted to report that he succeeded and took his first solo – congratulations Charles,

My, my – an empty back seat

We then handed over to the evening crew who flew Graham T’s work colleagues

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