April Showers, 1st W/E June

The forecast for Saturday had remained relatively stable for several days before hand, thats a good sign. Even better was that it was a nice forecast, although somewhat westerly with cirrus rolling in and maybe some rain in the late afternoon. Galvanised into action by a text from a friend, a simple “Look up, Arcus ;-)” as the so and so passed overhead, Phil’n’Carol, Pete’n’Claire and Jim launched to do laps of Wantage, Devizes. Jim and Claire’n’Pete did two (Pete did one and Claire did one) and Carol’n’Phil did a single one before landing for a crew change. The cirrus came in on the second lap and although it was still working OK, it didn’t look too inviting. After the second lap we local soared for a bit just to get the next hour – OCD kicking in. We had just put the covers on when the rain arrived :-). Looking at the ladder it was better to the North East although those late back got cut off by the cirrus.


Devizes looking north west – in the centre, really really really small is Bannerdown’s K18 being aerotow retrieved by their Falke after a successful Silver Distance – well done!

Sunday was a day to have breakfast al fresco, although by the last mouthful of weetabix it was clouding up already and it really just got greyer by the minute. Claire and I flew N for 90mins and Trevor rigged the Jamjar so there was opportunity before the greyness turned to sqallyness and then dampness, again just as we had de-rigged.




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DCFI, Full Cat, Owns 737, a Nimbus 2c with Jim & N, a Janus Ce with Claire. Flying since 1996.

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