The other Scottish Expedition

Whilst Pete, Claire and Jim were at Aboyne some other members made the (slightly shorter) trip to Portmoak. Carol, Chris, Tony P and I have been here before but it was to be an exciting and new experience for John, Jeremy and Selvam.


Over Balado Airfield where wave normally sets up, Portmoak is at the top of the Loch just beyond St Serfs island about 5-6K away. The firth of Forth is in the distance.


Tony Palmer making good use of soaring the sea breeze front. Up until then everyone else was flying circuits but Tony showed them what to do when he took the Puch up to 3,000ft and had the longest flight of the day!


Jeremy and John taking the Puch to the far end of the Loch, apparently they were trying to find a nice pub…. Kinross is hiding in the shadows. You can see how windy at ground level it was by the ripples in the water.

Out of the 9 days we were there only 1 1/2 days were lost to rain so we had plenty of flying. Consecutive good ridge days meant that wave was  around as the following show, Chris and I took the Janus along a wave bar out towards Dundee at 7500ft.

In wave

the lift was smooth and steady and with wave set out over the sea it was tempting to see how far we could go but we chickened out near the coast!

During a rare chance to fly the Janus solo I was lucky enough to contact wave over Balado Airfield as the next photos show.

20170420_113749 IMG-20170420-WA0000 20170420_110830 20170420_110704

The Puch was put to good use with site checks etc. but its fair to say that Jeremy and John certainly made good use of it especially as they are now both P1 mutual.

20170418_141955 20170418_141807


Good to see club members venturing out to other gliding clubs, those of you who have not yet done so don’t know what you are missing out on…..


wave over the Bishop at 7am


Carol trying to spot Chris!


Time to go home 🙁



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