Course Week

Report from Martin S:
The training week was very beneficial for us all. Maybe as no one got to go solo if may appear less successful than the Southampton training days, but a lot of ticks went into record cards and a lot of faults were ironed out. I suspect young David might have gone solo if there had been an easy day at the end of the week, but there wasn’t.

By Thursday students and instructors were somewhat weary. Carol was DI; Ken Porter came but had a cold, tried a quick solo and concluded that he wasn’t Ok to fly, by which time Peter Ellison had arrived and took Charles & me under his wing. With only a skeleton crew at the launch end, us oldies were finding it a bit tiring so I hope Peter will understand that the complete horlics I made of identifying which end would be a good place for high key was down to fatigue! After a couple wet launches in the afternoon, we finished early by mutual agreement.

It was nice having a day off on Friday! Then back in the saddle on Saturday for three of us, showing off the gains made in the training week to the DCFI, who seemed impressed with progress.

Credit to Bob Symons for supplying the lunches. Bob’s Bistro? A huge THANKYOU to Ken H for all his winching

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