20&21st May – Jim and Jim

Jim and Jim were duty but they had swapped. That meant that Jim got all the bad weather that Jim usually gets on his duty days but that Jim got much better conditions. But of course as Jim was Jim and Jim was, well, Jim things were somewhat confused.

On Saturday it was overcast, showery and blustery but that didn’t stop Jim (as Jim remember), Martin and Bob (as themselves) from knocking out some training circuits.

On Sunday it was much better and many people not called Jim rigged, as well as one called Jim. Jim instructed of course. Equally confused was Phil who got in the wrong Janus with Claire. In the afternoon it was hard to get away but things picked up with good, if shifty (its an F!), climbs to 3500ft. A Jim and Pete’n’Claire did short 100k tasks with it blueing out with sea air at about 4. The BBC World came to film young people’s views about the election which will then be dubbed into Russian, expect Putin as PM.

About the Author: pete smith

DCFI, Full Cat, Owns 737, a Nimbus 2c with Jim & N, a Janus Ce with Claire. Flying since 1996.

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