Wednesday 26th April


Ozee suits in late April?  The fresh north wind was responsible for that.  The compensation for a cold north wind is ridge lift – well, normally.  On this occasion the ridge lift got messed up by thermals – mostly.  And what lift – if you managed to be in the right place to catch it.  Having been a bit picky about maintaining angle of bank and speed Denis G handed control to me and I found myself wrestling with one of the roughest thermals I can remember.  It got us to 3,000′ feet though.  Alan P and Alan B reported climbing to 4,000′ with the vario hitting the 10 knots end stop and then flying straight with full airbrakes and still climbing.  There were dead patches and large areas of sink so not everyone managed soaring flights.  Of the 31 launches, 4 were just over the hour and another 4 longer than 30 minutes.  Alex J converted to the K8.

While we were playing Ken H was working on the toilet block roof and Colin B measuring up everything in sight planning for the new winch.  Thanks to the Duo Ken’s for helping out with back-seat flying I was able to nab a delightful hour in the club Vega

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