Wednesday 19th April

What a cracking day – most time flown on a single day (28:22) since last September.  Club instructing was shared out between 3 instructors (Bob B, Colin B and myself) which gave each of us the opportunity to get in some much needed solo time – about an hour and a half each.  Peter E completed two half day course TLs – each with a single flight!  He later took his grandson for a couple of circuits before using his freebie launch to an hour long flight with said grandson.

Lots of flights over one hour and a couple over 2 (Steve B and Trevor G).  In the morning it wasn’t particularly easy to nab that first thermal, in the afternoon some impressive sink (6+) between thermals resulted in some only getting a short flight.  Even Trevor G took a second launch to get away.  I didn’t hear where folks got to but when Colin B found himself 6,000′ above Whitchurch he decided to continue to Lasham and then home without stopping for another thermal.  Nick J took the K8 off for an hour.  On return no one was looking for the K8 so Nick felt obliged to take it for another hour.  At the end of the day ever helpful Nick agreed to hangar fly the K8 – it took him 48 minutes to find the other end.

Big thanks to Ken H who drove the winch for most of the day (and missed out on the flying 🙁 )

Unusually there were no edible goodies on offer,

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