Wednesday 15th March

Some say it’s the call of the cuckoo that heralds spring others look out for the daffodils¬†but glider pilots know better – it is the appearance of beany hats at the airfield.¬† I am pleased to report beany hats were in evidence on this Wednesday.

Mind the start of the day was not at all promising.  Driving up the hill from the village meant driving up into the murk.  That did not deter the ever optimistic Wednesday crew and the toys were out just waiting for the murk to lift/burn off.  It was then realised that the winch was due its annual guillotine checks.  Rowland P, our esteemed equipment officer, set to take apart, clean and grease the guillotine assemblies Рably assisted by Martin S, Paul B, Stan O and Colin B.

One guillotine needed adjustment but the sun was out so we got flying on a single cable.  Despite the sunny day and some promising looking clouds short flights were the order of the day.  The only folks to creep into double digit flight times were Chris K (10 minutes), Ken H (12 minutes) and soaring maestro Steve B (14 minutes).  With naff all flying in February there were a few folks looking for annual checks which provided some entertainment.  All 5 club aircraft were kept busy and the Swallow and K7 were rigged and flown.

Big thank you to Ken P and Colin B for pitching in to help deal with the strong demand for instructor services; Ken H for his marathon session on the winch; Tony P (ginger bread cake) and Rowland P (Lardy cake)  Рand to every one who pitched in and helped (especially the few who were there at the end of the day to pack things away)

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