Wednesday 22nd Feb

After a run of 4 exceptional months February started off badly and hasn’t relented.  Yet another non-flyable day.  For a brief period the weather relented, a little, and we could clearly see the hill to the south.  During that period cloud was low and moving at a lick.  Mind, the priority for the day was getting the winch back on-line and the weather didn’t stop our stalwart “Wednesday boys”.

Along with Colin, Alan S and Dennis G are in this photo

The new rad is magnificent and now has over twice the capacity – perfect for those long, hot summer days (hm, seems far off at the moment).  With a some ingenuity, some head scratching and a little swearing the rad was refitted, refilled and the winch roared into life – though sadly without a glider on the end of a wire.  A huge thank you to Colin for organising the rebuild and refit (and all the running around it entailed.  Thanks too to Ken H, Alan S and Dennis G for rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty.

Looks like February is determined to continue its track record so fingers crossed for lots of flying in March.

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