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Having completed the first quarter of the 2016/17 flying year and moving into the New Year it seems like a good time to see how the year is shaping up – well at least on the stats front. Comparisons are made against the stats since 2007/08.

Good news is that this year is shaping up very well. We’ve just completed the best December we’ve seen both in terms of launches and times. 169 launches (compared to a previous average of 103) and over 23 hours flown (compared to a previous average of less than 15 hours). A marked contrast to December last year which had the joint least number of launches (65) and least flying time (8 hours). November last year was the worst for launches with a mere 64 launches, compared to 225 this year. October for both last year and this year were pretty good and amongst the best. The first few months (5 in fact) of last year were particularly poor, as most of us probably recall. In fact the YTD number of launches at the end of December this year is more than the number of launches last year achieved by the end of February.

The second quarter got off to a good start. The first two days of January produced more launches and more than double the flying time for all of January last year.  Ok, so it rapidly went downhill from there with the thieving toerags breaking in and stealing what can have only been of small value to them but of significant cost, disruption and extra work for those members who pitched in to sort thing out.  No flying in the following week and just one day this weekend (14th/15th).  Looking at the logs it looked like the one day was a good day with SUGC  back after the Christmas break.

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