First flying day of 2017

Copied from Liz’s Facebook entry for Tuesday 2nd January:

We well and truly rang in the New Year – figuratively speaking – with flying today on a chilly but sunny day with the ridge and thermal almost working (some would say ‘not quite’ working but I’m always glass-half-full). Pretty little bits of cloud kicking off the ridge to amuse us at circuit height. Much pinging of gliders up the winch to the best part of 2000′. All pilots happily flown and many things crossed off on progress cards. Flying commenced as soon as we could chip enough ice off the canopies to see out a bit*, and continued until that ceased to be the case any more. A good day’s flying!

Having written up my logbook and realised that the second flight today was my 4000th launch. Should be getting reasonable at it by now?!?

*In the interests of flight safety I should point out that this is artistic licence – we pointed the gliders into the sun and had to wait half an hour until the canopies were reliably mist free and the wings not too icy. But it doesn’t sound so good.

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  1. StephenO

    With 31 launches it ranks amongst the busiest January days (35 launches being the record to beat – achieved twice, once on a Phil day and once on a Liz day). “Almost working” seems like an appropriate term as only 7 launches managed double digits with Carol taking longest flight time honours with 15 minutes

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