Sunday 4th December


More than a bit chilly at the club for F team’s duty day but what we lacked in temperature we made up for it in flight times, in fact Ozee suits were de rigueur and today proved that the brighter the suit the longer the flight!

With Easterly wave set up in easy reach of a winch launch extended flights were the norm. Paul Prentice set things off with 22 mins solo in the Puchacz, or should I say HCF now Not to be out done, and wearing a brighter Ozee suit, John Douglass sneaked in a whopping, and as it turned out unbeatable, 33 mins. Richard Dann ,wearing a somewhat faded suit that used to be red/black, managed 23 mins in DHA then Carol and Bob, both in darkish suits stayed up for 17 mins.

Me, wearing my black suit, only managed 9 mins in HCF proving beyond reasonable doubt that I need to buy a bright blue/yellow suit……

You will no doubt be pleased to hear that Paul Prentice was so enthused with his wave flight of 22 mins that he has promised to give a lecture over the winter months on how to soar the easterly wave, bookings will be taken shortly…….or not!

So two things I have learnt today, we can get soarable Easterly wave at Shalbourne and…….. I need a bright Ozee suit


About the Author: philip morgan

CFI, Owns a Janus C with Carol.


  1. StephenO

    Drats – with my black and bright orange ozee I should have been there – well, it was bright once upon a time. Good to know that Rivar Hill has its own Helm Wind equivalent. All we need to do now is give it a name and get the hats.

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