Festive Flying: Day 1

It certainly was worth slipping Wednesday a day to enjoy the winter sunshine (while storm Barbara was introducing herself to those north of the border).  It may have been the second shortest day of the year but we still manage to clock up 36 launches of up to 2,000′ (in the K8 naturally).  This week we didn’t manage to break anything (as far as I know) and even got JPC rigged (and flown).  Paul B did his usual – set the target for longest flight at 12 minutes.  Half an hour later John D clocked up 16 minutes thanks to a bit of westerly wave.  That wasn’t bettered (but I managed to equal it – yes, I managed to fit in a solo – thanks Ken R for the back seat help).  17 of the launches did get into double digit flight times.

Not only was there lots of flying but plenty of eating too with mince pies (with the opportunity to compare those from Sainsbury and Waitrose), lardy cake and home made sausage rolls.

Paul B in his festive hat


View from 2,000′ in the K8


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