Wednesday 9th November

OK so the rain hung around longer than forecast but the sun did come out, as forecast, in the afternoon.


Unfortunately, it seems many of the “Wednesday boys” saw the rain and stayed at home so we didn’t quite have enough folks to fly.  However, the 8 or so there were busy setting to and doing various jobs that help keep us flying.

Since no one seems to be moved to update the blog for weekend flying I will just note here that last weekend there was flying on both days 30 launches on Saturday and 28 on Sunday.  The expectation was that Sunday would be the better day (bit more north in the wind and a bit stronger) but it turned out 9:30 frown on Saturday and 5:47 on Sunday.  On Saturday longest flight honours went to Ken P with 1:35 in the Duo closely followed Ken R with 1:35.  Ken R was back on Sunday to take longest flight with 36 minutes, this time in the K8.


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