Sunday 13th Nov, Northerly!

Jim and I were on duty on Sunday, pushing people into the sky on a cold, clear day.
It was a welcome sight to see Paul Prentice turn up nice and early (as always) followed by more keen members as well as the Southampton University people who promptly helped set up the field.

After a couple of changes to the placement of the Winch (my bad) and whoever put the launch point the wrong side of the south end, we were ready to launch only stopping for a two minute silence where all aircraft were resting on the ground.

All in all , everyone got to fly but patience was rewarded with some extended flights thanks to the ridge kicking off thermals as well as lift. Martin Hoskins would have won the trophy for the longest flight of the day but Trevor Greenwood got in a glider so the spoils went to him.
The end of the day was stunning with the moon rising on the horizon while the last glider launched.

The half day course, turned out to be rather good at flying. The Chap had never been in a plane before!
Home for dinner, an open log fire and falling asleep exhausted.



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