Windy Wednesday

Wouldn’t you know it – soaring into October and I’m reduced to ‘Spotting the gliders’. Nothing seen at Rivar yesterday, so assume x wind was out of limits. However, there were some brave souls about, most particularly a Twin Astir apparently having a whale of a time on the ridge at the East end of the South Downs.

However, I was particularly impressed with this guy’s navigation.


I watched him on and off for over and hour trudging along in a motor glider in a 30kt xwind and apart from the odd course correction, tracking straight as a die in what must have been uncomfotable turbulence. Textbook flying. And from experience I can affirm that it’s exhausting and sick making, often with the compass swinging all over the place.

So here’s an exercise for a rainy day – if the wind was 30kt from the East, his track (at the time of the snapshot) was 146 degrees and his ground speed was 51 kt, what was his compass heading and airspeed?


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